Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In what format will I receive instructions (as a hard copy, on CD) ?

We send all instructions for every model of Caterpillar equipment in an electronic version in PDF format. So you save time and money on the product receiving.

How will I get my instructions ?

All instructions are sent via Internet, depending on a model and a volume of information. Up to 30 MB – to your e-mail (attached file), 30 MB and more we will divide in portion.

Will I be able to print and copy my instructions ?

Yes, of course. You can print and copy your instructions to electronic media.

How soon will I receive my order ?

You will receive your order within 2 days after payment. If we have many orders, the date of receipt can be increased up to 4 days. We will further inform you about it.

What is the size of instructions ?

It depends on a model of your equipment, Service manuals available - 50 to 5000 pages.